Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Astrakhanski Regiment advance!

Off the painting table in January some Sash and Sabre  Russians that I picked up at the clubs carboot sale last year. I only managed to find the flags last week so I could finish them off and post them up here.

The Sash and Sabre castings are quite nice, they remind me of old glory without the "hey John" factor, similar in height and build. I really like the NCOs and officers,  the marching figures look like marching figures, not lounging around, the detail  is good, and on the table painted they look the business. I have put the Maverick flags that came with the figs when I bought them which are quite serviceable, however I have decided I will do some of my own flags as I want to do a army for Kunersdorf.

I have based them on 60 x 60 bases so I can use them for both our big battalion games and Might and Reason,  I have added officers and drummers on each flank, a single officer (which I would like to replace with a mounted one at some stage) and a officer and drummer on the command base.

I have another two regiments on the table at the moment and two units of Croats I hope to finish them this month along with my first brigade of Hanoverian's so a busy month on the 7YW front. I also plan to purchase another three regiments from Sash and Sabre and two grenadier regiments. The Grenadiers do not have command yet, but all of the officers wore tricorne's in the field and I will convert the NCOs and drummers myself with simple head swaps or I will sculpt some covered mitres!


paint pig said...

Very nice work indeed. I have some of these castings down in the lead mine, I must investigate. Kunersdorf! That'll keep you busy.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look very nice! I agree on your Sash and Saber summation.


Mike said...

That is a good looking unit. Kunerdorf will be a nice game. Good luck!

Conrad Hawkwood said...

Hurrah...saw them in the flesh today, actually I used to own them . but I don't like my Russians in waistcoats..

Rodger said...

Very very nice indeed!

The Haggis said...

Great looking unit!

What is the "hey John" factor?

Bluewillow said...

Old glory figures tend to have the heads turned and talking, yelling or just looking at the birds in the sky, Boyd declared that they were talking hence the "Hey John, did you hear the one about......"!

I prefer my SYW looking straight ahead except a few NCOs and the like flogging the men back into order.