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Hanoverian Grenadiers Part 1

On the painting desk at the moment are some of Wartime Miniatures Hanoverian's, I am planning a full brigade of these fine figures and a few months ago I asked a few question on TMP regarding the organisation of the Grenadier company's and how the battalions were made up.

 Graf Bretlach came back with this answer which is from the battle of Warburg in 1760 and Ferdinands Army of 1760.

Bataillon Geyso
4B Marschalck

Garde (1st btn?)
7A Wangenheim
 8B Block

Bataillon Wersebe
6B Halberstadt
 2A Jung-Spörcken
 1A Scheither
 5A Laffert
 12A Kielmansegge

 Bataillon Bock4A Bock
 Garde (other btn?)
 1B Alt-Zastrow
 3A Reden
 8A Rhöden

 12B Estorff

Ferdinand's Army 1760
3 battalions were formed, 1 company each from the nine Regiments.

each company was to consist of
1 Unterofficiere
1 tambour
1 pfeifer
1 zimmermann
48 Grenadiere

Giving a total of a battalion
1 Stabsofficier (Zu Commandanten der Grenadier-Bataillone wurdern Titulair-Majore ernannt) 
4 Captains
9 officiere
27 unterofficiere (NCO)
9 tambour (drummer)
9 pfeifer (fifer)
9 zimmerleute (pioneer)
432 Grenaadiere

a total Grenadier Batn of 500 men

Hanoverian Grenadier Officer  Lt M. de Limbourg 1748/49 

 And Christian Grogge also replied in the same thread, I have added a few words so it makes more sense to me and hopefully the reader.

Wersabe was formed from among the grenadiers of General, Wangenheims corps in 1759. Infantry Regiments 


8 Grenadier comapany's  of 65 men at full book strength. Ferdinands main army formed two more, again of 8 companys each by excluding the Gardes (who were attached to the headquarters) and the 2 New battalions (10-B 1758 Von Marschalk and 13-B 1758 v. Wrede)which did not have Grenadiers at all. Commanders of the Grenadier Battalions were likely from the staff.

musketeer,Garde Grenadier, Garde musketeer

And fiannly from Ken Bunger on the 7YW Yahoo group

 Hanoverian Grenadiers at Minden (from Sichart and Westphalen)

Two battalions were detached under Col Laffert, commanded respectfully by
Major von Sidow and Lt Colonel von Wense.

A third battalion was formed from the grenadiers of the 8 Hanoverian
battalions in Wangenheim’s Corps. This battalion of 400 men was commanded
by v Wersebe and consisted of 50 grenadiers each from the following



It was formed with the 6 battalion grenadier “brigade” in Wangenheim’s
corps. This consisted of the battalions of Maxwell (British), Werserbe
(Hanoverian), Wittorf and Stammer (Brunswick), Donop and Schlotheim

I hope that helps anyone out their trying to work out a Hanoverian Grenadier battalions, I would be happy to add anyone else's research or notes into this post, just let me know!



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