Monday, November 21, 2011

Projects 2012

Over the past week I have been planning my projects for 2012

In no particular order
1. AWI 8 batns British and Germans based for British Grenadier (Perry and foundry)(24 fig batn)
2. 7YW buildings ready for casting in resin
3. FIW British 5 batns to complete (front rank)(32 fig btn)
4. French 7YW 8 btns to complete, French 7YW 5 regts of cavalry, French Guns (Front Rank, crusader)(32 fig btns, 24 cavalry, guns)
5. finish Pontic Army, imitation legionary's, two pike blocks some light Infantry (foundry and gripping beast)
6. Sassanid heavy cavalry and horse archers (A and A minis) (30 cav)
7 French 1805 Napoleonic (continue the refit and rebasing, finish the heavy cavalry division and another Infantry Division Elite minis)(72 cav, 270 inf)
8. 1809 Austrian napoleonic (a divison perhaps maybe plastic)(240 inf)
9 1812 Russian napoleonic (plastic perhaps!)(240 inf)
10 Russian 7YW (Sash and sabre) inf brigade, Gren brigade, arty and light cavalry (32 fig btns, cav 24)
11. 20mm modern germans (60 inf, six buildings)
12. 28mm Baron Wars (60 odd cav and 180 infantry)
13 Hanoverain 7YW (Wartime)(140 inf)
14 20mm ww2 Germans (continue my refit)
15 continue refit Napoleonics and 7yw