Tuesday, February 1, 2011

French light guns

The beginnings of my light gun support for my French Infantry battns , I intend to do a single gun with each battalion, I did think about adding extra gunners but I couldn't find any suitable battn hatmen gun crew.

I ended up converting spare Front Rank officers I had by adding Front Rank artillery rammers to thier hands and painting them as artillery specialists. The guns are from Eureka for thier AWI range.

Work is getting in the way of completing more miniatures at the moment along with trophey making for our local Blue's Music Festival (Chain awards) and for the Goulburn Show woodchop competition.

I do have two French battns on the table awaiting standards though, which will feature hopefully on the weekend with some regimental history attached!



Unlucky General said...

Nice make-do Matt. But about your out-put - join the club.

Galpy said...

very nice great job