Monday, November 21, 2011

Projects 2012

Over the past week I have been planning my projects for 2012

In no particular order
1. AWI 8 batns British and Germans based for British Grenadier (Perry and foundry)(24 fig batn)
2. 7YW buildings ready for casting in resin
3. FIW British 5 batns to complete (front rank)(32 fig btn)
4. French 7YW 8 btns to complete, French 7YW 5 regts of cavalry, French Guns (Front Rank, crusader)(32 fig btns, 24 cavalry, guns)
5. finish Pontic Army, imitation legionary's, two pike blocks some light Infantry (foundry and gripping beast)
6. Sassanid heavy cavalry and horse archers (A and A minis) (30 cav)
7 French 1805 Napoleonic (continue the refit and rebasing, finish the heavy cavalry division and another Infantry Division Elite minis)(72 cav, 270 inf)
8. 1809 Austrian napoleonic (a divison perhaps maybe plastic)(240 inf)
9 1812 Russian napoleonic (plastic perhaps!)(240 inf)
10 Russian 7YW (Sash and sabre) inf brigade, Gren brigade, arty and light cavalry (32 fig btns, cav 24)
11. 20mm modern germans (60 inf, six buildings)
12. 28mm Baron Wars (60 odd cav and 180 infantry)
13 Hanoverain 7YW (Wartime)(140 inf)
14 20mm ww2 Germans (continue my refit)
15 continue refit Napoleonics and 7yw


Thursday, October 20, 2011

C'mon bettsy

Some more civilian pieces off the painting table last week


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Re-basing dilemma

After much discussion Bruce, Greg and myself are moving to a new basing convention, 50 x 50 bases so we can place the officers, NCOs and musicians in the correct positions in a battalion. I also has the added bonus of protecting the paint work a little better (Bruce's army is based for WRG, mine for British Grenadier and Greg just made up his own which was 50 x 50!) it also has the added benefit of being able to use our troops at a pinch with might and reason.

With this basing we are also increasing the size of our batns from 24 to 28 (the extra officers and musicians) so while I am doing this I will also be doing some touch ups of Bruce's Prussians and my French, British and Americans also adding new GMB flags to Bruce's Prussians and 3 new batns of guard! Still not sure which way to go with the light infantry though, some pondering to be done I think!

American Provincials

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Farewell men"

Another small piece off the table last week, another civilian piece which is suitable for most horse and musket periods.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reaping the Harvest

The next lot of civilians off the workbench is a very fine set from Redoubt miniatures I picked up at our clubs car boot sale. the only foreigners are the chicken and the copper bucket which is from Architects of war chicken set and the spare parts box. I decided to also add some water coming from the jug using wire and glue, I am not sure the chopped fibre works on the base but grass wouldn't have either, I did think about buying some silfor type long grass and trim it, but could not find any locally (within 150klms!)with the right colour.


Monday, June 13, 2011

"We must leave"

Some civilians I have been painting for my French Indian wars and AWI, the figures are from redoubts range, more to come!



Sunday, May 8, 2011

7YW Casualties

Some casualties that belong to Bruce's collection I finished on the weekend. Mostly Prussian and two Russians. Bruce has dropped off his army for rebasing and a bit of a refit for our 7YW battalion set of rules that are currently being play tested.

AWI Minutemen

Some of Redoubts Minutemen, I recently picked up these at a bring and buy stall along with a few more civilians, easy to paint with lots of raised detail. I hope to start working on my AWI this year and finish my Germans and Brits at least.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Washing day

A lovely table piece from Eureka's French Revolutionary range, it also has a dragoon watering three horses who will make an appearance on my Napoleonic blog.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

French light guns

The beginnings of my light gun support for my French Infantry battns , I intend to do a single gun with each battalion, I did think about adding extra gunners but I couldn't find any suitable battn hatmen gun crew.

I ended up converting spare Front Rank officers I had by adding Front Rank artillery rammers to thier hands and painting them as artillery specialists. The guns are from Eureka for thier AWI range.

Work is getting in the way of completing more miniatures at the moment along with trophey making for our local Blue's Music Festival (Chain awards) and for the Goulburn Show woodchop competition.

I do have two French battns on the table awaiting standards though, which will feature hopefully on the weekend with some regimental history attached!