Thursday, December 30, 2010

Volontaires de Bretons part two

The figures are all Foundry (I think!) and prussian to boot! I could not find any French figures that really captured the look I was after and these seemd to fit the bill! The WAS is a side project to my 7YW and WSS French Armies.

Like all of my light regiments I have added a mule train instead of a wagon, I am yet to paint a colonel for the regiment and i will seek out a suitable figure that I can convert to suit.

I will also add some horse holders and maybe some skirmisher hussars and a swede 6pdr.

The research for these guys has taken a while, the figures have been complete since November and have already had thier first action clashing with bruce's Prussian 5th hussars in some orchards.



abdul666 said...

A *great* rendition of a very original unit! Compliments!

I know it would not be 'historically accurate', but what about a vivandiere :)

Best wishes,

Paul´s Bods said...

Great looking unit!
Happy new year

Giles said...

Matt, they look fantastic. Excellent work.

Best wishes


Vinnie said...

Nice work Matt. Tried to catch up with you while I was at home for Christmas but missed you. Will have to chat in late feb when I return.



Unlucky General said...

Ripping unit Matt. I'm back in on-line business once more and actching up with all the blogs I follow. Good posting.