Sunday, August 8, 2010

Terrain revamp

The last few days in Goulburn have been exceptional winter days, frosty mornings and around 13 degree days with no wind. Today I decided to do a bit of a re-org in the shed, I bought two new storage boxes so I pulled out the terrain boxes and doing some re-sorting of buildings, trees, hills, fences, hedges etc

After I divided the trees into evergreen and other I decided to re-flock some and build a few more, last year I bought a heap of Woodland Scenic’s pine tree armatures that in my opinion failed to look like pine trees when flocked so I bought some Noch readymade pines instead. I have about sixty of the armatures so I have decided to turn them into Popular trees for lining roads, driveways etc. So I hunted through my supplies box and came up with a small amount of rubberised horsehair which I use for making my trees, added some glue to the armatures then waited for 15mins to become tacky, then attached the horsehair, waited another ten minutes then trimmed the tree to shape, then sprayed the tree with spray adhesive and added some Noch light green flock, waited for it to dry then sprayed with hair spray to seal it. I managed to make six popular trees before I ran out of flock, so off to a model railway shop this week for more flock supplies and whatever else I can find of interest.

On the painting front ACW, ECW, and ancients have been on the table, on the horse and musket front some WSS is next in line along with a few more moderns.


paintpig said...


Winter is still fighting for a hold isn't it. Beware the innocent trip to the model railway shop for once within it's walls............... and when you woke up you could hear David Bowie playing, everyone wearing strangely wide ties and your wallet is completely empty.


Bluewillow said...

lol, thats me, I go in looking for one thing and come out with a armful, but happy telling myslef I saved money by spending so much that they gave me a discount!


Conrad Hawkwood said...

when are you going to the railway shop?