Thursday, July 8, 2010

Study and Reading

Well not much happening in the Horse and Musket period for myself at the moment, with the clubs focus on ACW last month, and Ancients and ECW in the next two months. My painting table currently has ancients Romans and Sassanids, ACW (my last unit), some moderns and ww2 Germans on it at the moment.

However everything is not that bad as I need to get my digit out, because we are leading up to the clubs "Lace Wars" Convention on Sat 16th & Sunday 17th November at the Goulburn Soldiers Club, with everything Horse and Musket on display, most of us at the club are planning something, possibly three games from the club, WSS, 7YW and FIW along with the long awaited New Release of 'Wartime Miniatures' Hanoverians, which have been a long time coming but worth the wait!

In the meantime I have been collecting a number of books after a few suggestions from some friends, so lots of searching going on and asking questions about the best for the

My first purchase was 'Historische Uniformen', off a good chap on TMP who also added Alan Sapherson's Active Service Press Austrians and Prussian Basic Guides. This is just excellent even though it is in German (which I can read a little)it has some excellent plates and great cuffs, lapels and turnback guides for all of the 7YW and Napoleonic armies and even travels up to the Franco Prussian war.

Then I picked up this after searching for something else:-

Soldiers Accoutrements of the British Army 1750 to 1900. Just an excellent book for re-enactors, sculpters and wargamer painting guides!

But my most exciting purchase and Find so far (I just couldn't Believe it!) I picked up a volumes 1 to 4 first editions of "The History of the Uniforms of the British Army" by Cecil C.P Lawson. 1 book was in the USA $30 Aus, one in Australia $60 Aus and two in the UK $120 Aus inc postage! Only one doesn't have its dust jacket and all are in exceptional condition. Forget your Ospreys guys, these books are the definate collection for all of you Anglo British Gamers and historians out there, lots of descriptions, unit history, colour plates and BW drawings to feast your eyes upon!

I have resisted reading them this week while I try to finish of my ww2 and ancients minis, then onto WWS French and my 7YW British. While browsing Ebay I came accross listed in the wrong location French Musketry drill 1755 so its on its way!

Our club is holding its first "White Lead Elephant" swap meet on the 24th of July a the Cardinals house, full details next week or look here to see what will be in the carboot sale

Also I was hoping to get to Historicon in the US this year with Colin, but we decided to spend cash on a secret project which i will inform you about in the coming weeks.



paintpig said...

You lucky dog It's enough to make this pig cry in his trough! Do you use ebay to find all your books?
I picked up Nosworthy's Anatomy of Victory two weeks ago, it was not a good price by any stretch of the imagination but after searching for 3 days I think I must have one of the last "brand new" copies left.

Bluewillow said...

I just search the titles and period specific searches on ebay, and google. I found another good one tonight in France.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Yes, agreed! I too have the Funcken book, and it is every bit as good as you mention, though sadly my pages are beginning to come loose. The third volume on the British uniforms has haunted me since I saw a copy reduced in a US bookstore long ago. . . and did not buy it because Christmas only two days away, and my conscience hurt me. A good lesson there. Purchase it forthwith if you have not already!

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz