Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back from furlough!

Well back to Sunny Goulburn after Christmas Holidays at Mum and Dad’s Farm at Glen Innes three weeks of no models and almost killed me.

Glen Innes was amazing compared to Goulburn, the grass was green and long, the cattle were fat and the river and dams were full. I managed to pick off a number of bunnies (132) with my son Louis as went for a drive around the property; it didn’t stop raining for almost two weeks so it became quite soaked we managed to get bogged three time. I went and had a look at my brother Tom’s new Horse complex that is almost complete and his new house additions, I helped him with his Fine Quarter horse stallions at his horse stud (as all of the staff were on Christmas holidays), collecting semen for export to the USA, Germany and around Australia (not at all fun!).

We then travelled up to the sunny Gold Coast and spent a week at Currumbin on the beach (well 100m away from the apartment) and went to the fun parks with the kids. We then travelled back down the highway to Forster to visit Grandparents and then back to Goulburn. We arrived home and decided to move rooms around and we painted my sons room (my old storage room and office) and did a big clean out all during the 40 degree Celsius heatwave we had. This week I finally got back to my desk to finish of Dave’s Romans and paint some stuff for sale at Cancon.

I managed to get quite a haul of books for Christmas just about all relating to the period:-
“Swords for Hire” The Scottish Mercenary James Miller
Malplaquet 1709 Christopher Scott
Raumillies Marlborough’s masterpiece Neil Litten
Oudenarde by Christopher Scott
“Storm and Conquest” The battle for the Indian Ocean 1809 by Stephen Taylor
“Birds of Prey” Wilbur Smith

I have finished “Birds of Prey” and I found it to be quite a good read, the book is based around the Dutch wars in Africa, Pirates, the battle for Ethiopia vs Muslim invaders and the Grail and was a seven out of ten for me. I am currently half way through “Swords for Hire” which is excellent so far with lots of short stories and campaign snippets mostly so far from the 30 years war, and the Polish Succession, well worth the dollars I think.

This weekend is Cancon (Australia’s largest convention) and I have a shed load of miniatures to get rid of as I have had a bit of a clean out, while I await my miniature display case to arrive in the coming week, I have gone through lots of boxes and storage bins, cupboards etc and reduced my terrain boxes so off to market they go.

I have also started a painting priority list for the next three months and a guide for the remainder of the year, I have come up with a meeting list for the club and a outline of the program for the year so I have some goals to shoot for.
I plan on finishing a number of left over projects from last year, finish my FIW British and French, my Imagi-nation army, 1/1200th Napoleonic naval and start my French WSS and Sassanids.


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