Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lace Wars 09

Well a great day after three of the games pulling out at the last minute, we did however end up with some fine gaming and many laughs from the familiar crew at the club. I did think about naming and shaming those who failed to show, but I will let it pass as we all had a grand time at the Napoleonic congress two weeks ago, and I am in a forgiving frame of mind since the passing of Kevin last week.

Guy, Rex, Chris M, Chris and played two Pulp 7YW games, which judging by the fine gentleman behavior much fun was had by all. Lots of people in true character made for the typical kreigspeil pulp game, some sample pictures mostly from the second game below

Boyd and I played a fine Naval game using the Trafalgar rules, the British had 1 second rate, two third rates and one fifth rate frigate, the French arrived with one second rate, one third rate and one fifth rate, sad to report the French were smacked badly with the second rate and the fifth rate also sank (after the unsporting broadside by one of the British second rates) the only victory that the French managed was the British first rate managed to sail off the table! I do have a theory if I had managed to fully rig the French ships they may have fought better, some shots from the game!

Some shots from the FIW game


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