Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guilty by Association

It’s Dangerous when several wargame’s mates get together and discuss the upcoming year and what projects we would like to do for ourselves and the club in the New Year. Earlier this year Greg and I decided to buy and build a few Dutch Wars Langton Ships. The Langton ships are things of beauty I was quickly hooked, being quite ignorant of the Dutch Wars I searched around for some suitable books on the Age of Sail Naval period as this was my first foray into Naval gaming, I also bought some Napoleonic French and Spanish Langton ships to add to the lead pile and to play Boyd, Greg, Craig, Dave’s and Marks Fleets. I am yet to finish these off 100% as the rigging is difficult for my big pudgy fingers, and a little frustrating to say the least and I cannot believe the time that it takes, however the effort is worth it when I look at Boyd’s (see the British ships in the post below) Craig’s, and Mark’s beautiful work on them.

Last month I managed to have a lovely shopping trip on Amazon looking for suitable books on the Dutch Wars, only I ended up buying books for War of the Austrian Succession, War of the Spanish Succession, Nosworthy’s Anatomy of Victory and several Napoleonic books, and yes one lovely book on the age of Sail, I managed to blow my monthly budget entirely so no new figs for the next month or so!

After reading a few of the books and having a chat with Greg we have finally decided to dive into WSS period, Greg already has a reasonable sized Foundry Anglo Dutch Army it just needs a upgrade, Dave also has a lovely Foundry French as does Grant and I have a number of French and Spanish Front Rank minis that are in the lead pile, although I am interested in doing a Bavarian army for the period. I just love the big wigs and floppy hats and ridiculous vanity of the period.

The next discussion was what rules to use as we all have different ideas on scale and army sizes, Dave, Bruce and I tried Under the Lille Banners, Battles of the Ancient Regime and British Grenadier (which I like all three sets), Chris, Guy, Rex, Adam and Chris M like Might and Reason, and finally Greg and Grant want to use the Warhammer ECW Variant and Craig wants us to try the new Blackpowder rules so still a little more discussion and play testing required.

I am a fan of 1 figure represents 20 men scale as I prefer the role of brigade/ division commander over a full army commander so that rules out Might and Reason for me. I am interested in trying Blackpowder and the Warhammer variant also.
I would like to do Ramillies so I can build a mixed army of some sort and include the Garde Horse and Foot, but as a French defeat probably not a good battle to pick for aspirations, I am also interested in the Italian peninsula too and some of the German Catholic minor states and Bavaria.

On the painting front I have been doing my Langton ships, some more Indians and French militia and I plan to finally do my Conquest “Last of the Mohican” personalities for the Steve Dean Forum painting contest. Also lots of other things on the painting table at the moment, some more Pulp figs for my club scenario in Feb next year, also Craig’s 40th Birthday coming up soon so I need to complete some more Imperial Romans for his birthday games day in December and finish painting my 7YW French regulars .

I am also excited as my new display cabinets should arrive in three weeks so lots of reorganisation and period shopping lists will be made for the new year’s projects, I will leave you with a few WIP pictures of my Dutch Wars ships which I hope to finish soon.

WIP Langton ships


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