Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jibberish and ramblings

Been busy painting guys, but tonnes of ECW, some Pulp (supur Bob Murch Figures) and some Elite Napoleonics, and work has been very busy as spring arrives here in Australia.

I have taken some pictures of the recent ECW infantry and some cav and bits and pieces. Some nice Perry, Foundry and Eureka mostly, and some old glory were added to the now oversize army, 9 pike and shot blocks of 24 figs each, and about 60 odd Horse and some dragoons, and lots of mad Scottish rabble! Hopefully all completed for the ECW club game on the 20th of September.

Back to Napoleonics for the remainder of the next two months in preparation for the Australian Napoleonic Congress on the 31stof October and 1st of November. Then back to 18th century French for Lace wars in November!

Managed to slip a few things in the shopping basket also, more plastic warlord games celts, some chariots and some cavalry and a number of ww2 books and mixed Ospreys. Also done a contra deal with a mate, I paint his figures and he puts together all of my plastic kits, I dug through my supply shed and surprise, surprise I had about 60 kits that needed to be built. Chris has finnished about 30 of them in four weeks, so hopefully I can pick the rest up soon, then the hard bit starts painting them!


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