Tuesday, February 17, 2009

80th Foot "Gages light Infantry"

In May 1758 Colonel Thomas Gage raised a unit of 500 light infantry at his own expense. They proved useful throughout the war but especially in the suppression of Pontiac's Rebellion in 1763-4, when, at the end of the SYW, a number of tribes (especially in the Great Lakes region) rose up against the British as a result of dissatisfaction with the British policy of treating the Indians as a conquered people, in contrast to the previous French policy of conciliation. The regiment is best know for the fighting at Bernetz Brook on July 6, 1758, just two days before the Battle of Ticonderoga. .

Uniforms and Colours of the regiment shall remain a subject of speculation.
Some sources speculate that they carried no Colours at all. Thought as to their
uniforms seem to run the gamut as well; ranging from 'brown coats with brown
facings and black buttons' to 'light brown coats with white facings and flat
yellow buttons' to finally 'scarlet coats with orange facings and yellow buttons.
The 80th Regiment of Light Armed Foot was disbanded in Canada in 1764.

I have used the Front Rank figures to represent my first company of Gages light Infantry, with two more coys yet to be finnished. I went with the med brown coat with brown facings as it was easy to do. The individual officer figure looks a little dark as I tried to achieve after five shadow on his face, it looks better in the flesh.


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