Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CanCon "whew"

Well this year three of us shared space with Kevin Jowlett from Battleline Scenics, at the Canberra Convention. Colin, Kendo and myself bought along a lot of goodies for sale, a good 95% of the figures for sale were well painted and based examples of wargames figures (this is what we aim for).

Colin finally finnished selling off his entire FOW american division (as seen in the original army book centrefold) its only taken three years! Kendo had a fine selection of very well painted 28mm figures and a few 20mm. Myself I peddled miniatures that I pick up from flea markets and ebay during the year, paint and then sell, the profits I pour back into new figures for my current armies.

Several thousand dollars changed hands over the weekend, but sales were down on previous years, and I discounted a lot just to move it along, as it was I returned with three unsold units which is unusual.

I did purchase a reasonable amount of figures and books, I picked up a ACW book and two scenario books, FR FIW figures, some FR WOTR figs, some 20mm french vehicles and guns and some 20mm buildings, and finally a few bags off other flea market stands, to sell in the future.

What am I working on at the moment within the period, some FIW gages light Infantry and some line infantry, I will post them on the weekend.


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