Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back into the Breach!

I trust everybody had a grand Christmas and a superb New Years celebration.

I had a very Family related holiday and a quick break down the coast where I managed to read three books in a wee as I decided not to take minis to paint as usual. St Nicholas was very generous as i sent him a extensive list of needs and wants and he didn't fail!

Late last year after a long discussion with Boyd, Greg, Dave and Guy I finally sat down and made a list of what I have half completed this year and a new painting schedule for 2009, so I can up with a list that revolves around our club plans and games for the year.

This year I really want to put a dent in the unpainted lead pile, so I have promised not to buy or start any new periods (sorry retailers), or armies until I have put a very sizable dent in the boxers of unpainted lead and unmade plastic kits.

The guys down at the club will try stopping me from spending my cash on some new flight of fancy, so for the first time in years I have made a list of items required to complete armies instead of starting new ones ( I will publish this next week as I need to make the list before Cancon)

As I play a multitude of periods from 2500BC to moderns and only two scales being 20mm WW2 and 28mm for everything else, I plan to finish a number of half done armies that are making my lead pile look almost depressing.

I also plan to paint and sell off some half painted armies that are laying around, as I am a fairy quick painter, If put my mind to it, I have only two weeks till a major convention so I had better get my digit out.

As the year progresses I will post pictures of my projects and as this Blog is for horse and musket stuff I will only post related items here, the remainder will be on my other period blogs.

My Goals this year is to complete my French Napoleonic (16 battalions of 32 for GDB), my French 7YW (10 battalions), and my Republican Roman and Allied army (4000pts for WAB)the plans are flexible as long as the goals are completed by the end of the year I will be happy.

January Plan
Paint 40 ww1 28mm French (for sale)
Paint 40 WW1 28mm Germans (for sale)
Paint five battalions of Foundry Napoleonic Russians (12 figs each For sale)
Paint 96 Foundry Napoleonic Austrian’s (for Sale)
All of these are to be sold at Cancon in Canberra and most are at 50% or more

I also plan to start 28mm Foundry Polish Renaissance army 106 figures for the Guild Surprise Build and so I can play one of my mates Cossack or Imperial armies (see Scott Robinson's Blog Wab Ramblings)in late Feb or early March

February Plan
20mm WW2 French 1 battalion of 30 figs and paint five plastic kits (required for a ww2 Rapid fire 1940 club game) currently at 50%
28mm Ancient Germans and Celts about 60 figs (part of my Roman army and the Germans are for the first corps website) currently at 60%
28mm Foundry Polish Renaissance army 90 figures (for the Guild Surprise Build )
28mm Republican Romans (complete this army) shields, basing and faces hand and thirty cavalry, currently at about 70%.

March Plan
Complete Polish Renaissance!
20 and 28mm Buildings I want to finish a number of Resin Kits that are yet to be painted, all are built and two are actually finished out of 30+ buildings.

April Plan
7 years war Front Rank French four Battalions of 24 figures (some battalions are at 80%)
French Indian War Conquest and Perry minis 30 figures (more Indians!)bare metal!
20mm Germans 160 miniatures most are at 70%
start 28mm Baron wars army

May Plan
28mm Napoleonic French Infantry 140+ figures in 32 figure battalions with skirmishers some are at 50%
7YW Front Rank French continuation
finnish 28mm Vikings off 50 figs at 80%

June Plan
28mm Napoleonic French Infantry continuation
20mm 60 German Volksturm miniatures (bare metal)

July Plan
28mm Napoleonic French Cavalry three regiments of 24 heavy cavalry
20mm German vehicles numerous (+30) plastic kit and resin kits (bare)

28mm Napoleonic French Cavalry, three regiments of 24 heavy cavalry
28mm War of the Roses army and start scratchbuilt Castle (partial completed)

Revisit 28mm Napoleonic German Battalions (Rebasing and touch ups and new GMB flags)
ECW 28mm three pike and shot blocks at 70%
finnish War of the Roses army and start scratchbuilt Castle

Revisit 28mm Napoleonic German Battalions (Rebasing and touch ups and new GMB flags)
ACW 28mm Perry Union Brigade for JR3 most at 50%

Revisit 28mm Napoleonic German Battalions (Rebasing and touch ups and new GMB flags)
Finnish off 28mm Babylonian chariots and infantry (actually built just need some finer detail done)
ECW cavalry and more scots and Irish legion

Start 28mm First Corps Imperial Romans none started 120 figs
Start 28mm A and A Sassanid’s 70 figs

Well there it is,

I have a few Armies I would Love to start this year that are bare metal, my Byzantines, Jacobite 1845, 1815 British Brigade (180 figs) and Nassau Regt of 70 figs and 60 more Samurai and scratchbuild a early Baron wars castle.

I have also committed to the 7YW Hanoverian Group build at Battlescape and some Eureka 100 18th cent club builds which technically don't breach the rules as I signed up in 08!

Now back to the work bench

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