Saturday, January 31, 2009

1 year old!

Well the last 12 months has certainly flew along since I started this blog, I am happy with my progress of my foray into the Lace wars period. I have had about 4500 page hits on this site in the last 12 months, a big thanks to those who have linked from their blogs and websites. The encouragement from reader’s comments on TMP and various other discussion boards and websites has helped me try to keep up with my promises.

My main goal this year is to get the Goulburn Wargames Club “Lace Wars” convention off the ground, I also intend to this year complete a few more units of my British and French 7YW and FIW armies and make a return to AWI in some way.

On the British Army front, I have replaced all of my British First Corps figs with Front Rank figures from the Wolfe’s army range of FIW figures. I have also joined the Battlescape group build for a Hanoverian mainland Army, please if you have interest on a correctly uniformed figure for the Hanoverians, please join the battlescape’s groupbuild.

Front Rank figures will also fill up the ranks of the French European army which need to get a move on for our Lace Wars Convention. I am eagerly awaiting Conquest’s French line will replace the First corps and FR figs for the Line infantry for FIW. I have already bought some Conquest Coureur De Bois and Canadian Militia to replace the Front Rank light French Infantry.

I have also recently purchased a bunch of Conquest and Perry Indians to add to the Indian warbands, this will bring the warbands up to about thirty figs each.

On the AWI front I picked some Foundry British light Infantry on the second hand stall at CanCon, so they will make it to the painting desk very soon, I also managed to pick up some more Eureka miniatures, one gun and crew and few command figs at Moab last year. I hope to soon get the guns and crew painted in the coming weeks.

Still building a few wagons and bits and pieces, and a few buildings, I will post them in the coming weeks as I complete them.


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