Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Silly Season is upon us!

Time has flown and another Christmas is upon us, lookig forward to great year ahead, a change of jobs and delving into the WSS. Well time to go over the years achievments on the painting front

20mm WW2 French 1 Regiment of 72 figs and paint five plastic tank kits
20mm Aircraft kits x 3 (French, German and Finnish)
28mm Warlord Celts about 100 figs
28mm Foundry Polish Renaissance 64 figures
28mm First Corps Republican Romans 220 figures
28mm Napoleonic German Battalions 156 figs
28mm Napoleonic Elite French 110 French 1805 Ligne
28mm Napoleonic Elite French cavalry 96 figures
28mm Napoleonic Elite eight Guns and crew
28mm Foundry ECW seven pike and shot blocks 240 figures
28mm Foundry ECW ninety six cavalry
28mm Old Glory 96 Scots
28mm 22 Civilians and 6 wagons etc for Horse and musket
28mm First Corps Imperial Romans 236 figs
28mm First Corps 90 Germanics
28mm Front Rank FIW 20 French
28mm 40 ww1 French (Sold)
28mm 40 WW1 Germans (sold)
28mm 30 Warlord ECW (sold)
28mm 180 Perry, Vitrix Napoleonic Brits, and French 1815 (sold)
28mm Bob Murch and Foundry Pulp figures 50 miniatures
28mm Gripping Beast 30 Vikings and 40 Late Romans
28mm Skanderburgers 32 infantry, 3 guns and 12 cavalry (mixed manufacture)
1/1200th 6 ships Napoleonic French and Dutch wars

No where near what I had hoped for the totals, but I did manage to finish two armies my ECW Royalist and the Imperial Romans (which had there first run last weekend). My lead pile did grow though so I need to concentrate on finishing a few more armies this year.

My display case is almost finished and I am looking forward to finally putting a large amount of my painted lead on display. I should be able to do a few pics after we return from Holidays. This year I intend to keep a record of purchases and painted so i can keep track of the lead pile!

Priorities for 2010
28mm WW1 Australian light horse
20mm modern Australians and Afgans (for demo game)
28mm Pulp and terrain for Feburary
28mm A & A Sassanids
28mm Front Rank WSS
Rebase 28mm Normans
28mm FIW British and French
28mm French 7YW
28mm Napoleonic French Infantry and cavalry and rebase and touch up some more German States Infantry
20mm Germans reorg and paint a absolute ute full
20mm WW1 aircraft.

I hope to take some pics in the holidays of my new table that i am doing for the Pulp game.

Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guilty by Association

It’s Dangerous when several wargame’s mates get together and discuss the upcoming year and what projects we would like to do for ourselves and the club in the New Year. Earlier this year Greg and I decided to buy and build a few Dutch Wars Langton Ships. The Langton ships are things of beauty I was quickly hooked, being quite ignorant of the Dutch Wars I searched around for some suitable books on the Age of Sail Naval period as this was my first foray into Naval gaming, I also bought some Napoleonic French and Spanish Langton ships to add to the lead pile and to play Boyd, Greg, Craig, Dave’s and Marks Fleets. I am yet to finish these off 100% as the rigging is difficult for my big pudgy fingers, and a little frustrating to say the least and I cannot believe the time that it takes, however the effort is worth it when I look at Boyd’s (see the British ships in the post below) Craig’s, and Mark’s beautiful work on them.

Last month I managed to have a lovely shopping trip on Amazon looking for suitable books on the Dutch Wars, only I ended up buying books for War of the Austrian Succession, War of the Spanish Succession, Nosworthy’s Anatomy of Victory and several Napoleonic books, and yes one lovely book on the age of Sail, I managed to blow my monthly budget entirely so no new figs for the next month or so!

After reading a few of the books and having a chat with Greg we have finally decided to dive into WSS period, Greg already has a reasonable sized Foundry Anglo Dutch Army it just needs a upgrade, Dave also has a lovely Foundry French as does Grant and I have a number of French and Spanish Front Rank minis that are in the lead pile, although I am interested in doing a Bavarian army for the period. I just love the big wigs and floppy hats and ridiculous vanity of the period.

The next discussion was what rules to use as we all have different ideas on scale and army sizes, Dave, Bruce and I tried Under the Lille Banners, Battles of the Ancient Regime and British Grenadier (which I like all three sets), Chris, Guy, Rex, Adam and Chris M like Might and Reason, and finally Greg and Grant want to use the Warhammer ECW Variant and Craig wants us to try the new Blackpowder rules so still a little more discussion and play testing required.

I am a fan of 1 figure represents 20 men scale as I prefer the role of brigade/ division commander over a full army commander so that rules out Might and Reason for me. I am interested in trying Blackpowder and the Warhammer variant also.
I would like to do Ramillies so I can build a mixed army of some sort and include the Garde Horse and Foot, but as a French defeat probably not a good battle to pick for aspirations, I am also interested in the Italian peninsula too and some of the German Catholic minor states and Bavaria.

On the painting front I have been doing my Langton ships, some more Indians and French militia and I plan to finally do my Conquest “Last of the Mohican” personalities for the Steve Dean Forum painting contest. Also lots of other things on the painting table at the moment, some more Pulp figs for my club scenario in Feb next year, also Craig’s 40th Birthday coming up soon so I need to complete some more Imperial Romans for his birthday games day in December and finish painting my 7YW French regulars .

I am also excited as my new display cabinets should arrive in three weeks so lots of reorganisation and period shopping lists will be made for the new year’s projects, I will leave you with a few WIP pictures of my Dutch Wars ships which I hope to finish soon.

WIP Langton ships


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lace Wars 09

Well a great day after three of the games pulling out at the last minute, we did however end up with some fine gaming and many laughs from the familiar crew at the club. I did think about naming and shaming those who failed to show, but I will let it pass as we all had a grand time at the Napoleonic congress two weeks ago, and I am in a forgiving frame of mind since the passing of Kevin last week.

Guy, Rex, Chris M, Chris and played two Pulp 7YW games, which judging by the fine gentleman behavior much fun was had by all. Lots of people in true character made for the typical kreigspeil pulp game, some sample pictures mostly from the second game below

Boyd and I played a fine Naval game using the Trafalgar rules, the British had 1 second rate, two third rates and one fifth rate frigate, the French arrived with one second rate, one third rate and one fifth rate, sad to report the French were smacked badly with the second rate and the fifth rate also sank (after the unsporting broadside by one of the British second rates) the only victory that the French managed was the British first rate managed to sail off the table! I do have a theory if I had managed to fully rig the French ships they may have fought better, some shots from the game!

Some shots from the FIW game


Thursday, November 12, 2009

A tribute to Kev Jowett

On Tuesday the 3rd of November many of us in the Australian Wargaming community lost a great friend. Kevin Jowett (of Battleline Scenics) passed away at the still young age of 44 from a heart attack.

I had only known Kev for about three years and we shared retail space at Cancon for the last two years, we went out for dinner, joked and laughed, and talked about new projects, and were looking forward to the 2010 event.

I am sad to say we never gamed together, as we lived 1100 klms apart, although we both promised we would one day. Kev and I both shared the same love of 7YW and Napoleonic French and planned to travel and visit the great battlefeilds of Europe, and visit the "big shows" in the States and England in 2011.

Kev was my Australian supplier of Front Rank, Mark Fenlon and First Corps miniatures, he was always fair in his dealings and carried some supurb terrain pieces also.

He will be sorely missed by myself, his fellow Fire Brigade officers, our wargames community, and his friends.

Kevin leaves behind his lovely wife Chris and his two boys, Oliver and James. Mine and many others hearts go out to them.

Rest in Peace Mate


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jibberish and ramblings

Been busy painting guys, but tonnes of ECW, some Pulp (supur Bob Murch Figures) and some Elite Napoleonics, and work has been very busy as spring arrives here in Australia.

I have taken some pictures of the recent ECW infantry and some cav and bits and pieces. Some nice Perry, Foundry and Eureka mostly, and some old glory were added to the now oversize army, 9 pike and shot blocks of 24 figs each, and about 60 odd Horse and some dragoons, and lots of mad Scottish rabble! Hopefully all completed for the ECW club game on the 20th of September.

Back to Napoleonics for the remainder of the next two months in preparation for the Australian Napoleonic Congress on the 31stof October and 1st of November. Then back to 18th century French for Lace wars in November!

Managed to slip a few things in the shopping basket also, more plastic warlord games celts, some chariots and some cavalry and a number of ww2 books and mixed Ospreys. Also done a contra deal with a mate, I paint his figures and he puts together all of my plastic kits, I dug through my supply shed and surprise, surprise I had about 60 kits that needed to be built. Chris has finnished about 30 of them in four weeks, so hopefully I can pick the rest up soon, then the hard bit starts painting them!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Skanderberg to fore!

The Grand Duchy of Skanderberg

Capital Kavje
Ruling hereditary Family
Markgraf Ferdinand II von und zu Skanderberg

Main geographic feature of the district are the five lakes - the Starnberger See and Ammersee, as well as the smaller Weßlinger See, Wörthsee and Pilsensee. The lakes were formed by the glaciers of the last ice age. Hence the district is also called Fünf-Seen-Land (five lake county). Excellent trout fishing is found in these lakes along with duck hunting. Great hunting can also be found Wild pheasant, boar and deer abounds in the woods.

The Herrenchiemsee is a complex of royal buildings on the Herreninsel, an island in the middle of the Ammersee, Skanderberg’s largest lake, 60 km south east of Kavje. The Augustine Monastery Herrenchiemsee, later converted into the Old Palace (Altes Schloss) and Herrenchiemsee Palace, also known as the New Palace (Neues Schloss) are the most famous of these buildings and are the biggest of Otto von Skanderberg’s palaces.

The Forelle region supports the largest Geworfene (commoners) and is the main trading centre of the nation. It also raises the most infantry and specialist arms.

The mountainous Vorsicht ranges are steep and treacherous mountains and home to very tough people. It is renowned for Andechs Abbey, a Benedictine monastery that has brewed beer since 1455. The winter palace was built by Burggraf Ferdinand I, Baron of Skanderberg in 1576 who ordered to re-construct the great Burg of Vore controlling the mountain passes. It was the venue of numerous battles also under his successors. The Duchy recruit’s a lot of its light infantry from this region, as they are tough and independent men and are excellent marksmen. The great winter hunt also occurs in the wild mountains and woods, men of nobility hunt for the groß Ziege (the great Goat) and de berg Wolfe and the rare der weißer bar (the white bear, who’ s pelt is used for the grenadier officers and regimental drummers bearskins)

The wide plains of Kruezung make for excellent horse breeding and the grass plains for raising of livestock, it is also the breadbasket of the nation, a great trade of wheat, legumes and cabbage is done in the “crossroad” city. Many foreigners have nicknamed the city Kreuzung the windy city which tickles
the Geworfene (commoners) to no end. The majority of the battle line cavalry and some light cavalry are also raised in this region


The first known document of the Skanderberg’s from 30 September 1360 for Wyker Frosch in Mainz. The Skanderberg’s wereBriefadel (newer nobility) receiving their Nobility by patent after the gallant defence of the pass of Vore against the Ottomans in 1456. The Skanderberg’s have since that day controlled the Vore and the Forelle, only later conquering the Kreuzung from the Muslim invaders.

The Nation of Skanderberg has mixed ethic and religious views, the Forelle is entirely Catholic and the Vore mountains are a mix of Catholic, Orthodox and the plains of Kreuzung are a good mix of Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim. The ruling Nobility have recognised that the Muslims are better traders and horse breeders so have turned a blind eye to the Muslim religion in the Kreuzung valley, whereas the Muslim and orthodox religions are somewhat persecuted in Forelle.

The army is quite mixed with the Forelle Infantry and Artillery being somewhat European in Uniform and drill whereas the Mountain troops who in the majority are orthodox, dress in a eastern style with long robes, always armed with muskets and Nadziak (short axes) and in Kreuzung, the cavalry have three types: - Hussaren, Lancers and Reiter (heavy cavalry) and some Geworfene infantry mostly in eastern dress, they mostly fight in the eastern style and are almost indistinguishable from ottomans in dress and weapons.

The Officer corps is small but well rounded and educated in the art of war due to the constant border trouble in the east

The Skanderberg’s have always looked towards the emperor for leadership and almost follow his lead every time.

see you on the feild!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A long time between drinks!

Well gentlemen long time between drinks,

lots of painting done but sadly not much in the way of the 18th century, late Romans, Imperial Romans, Celts, some 20mm ww2 French and Polish Renaissance have hogged my little painting time I have had. So this weekend just passed the Queens Birthday holiday here in OZ, I decided to get my digit out and take a few Pics and post them up. These are all from the from the French Indian participation game at “Highlander” , and a few pics of some Front Rank wagons and Militia I have done in the last 4 months, I will post the pics from the Might and Reason game also later on in the week.







Tuesday, February 17, 2009

80th Foot "Gages light Infantry"

In May 1758 Colonel Thomas Gage raised a unit of 500 light infantry at his own expense. They proved useful throughout the war but especially in the suppression of Pontiac's Rebellion in 1763-4, when, at the end of the SYW, a number of tribes (especially in the Great Lakes region) rose up against the British as a result of dissatisfaction with the British policy of treating the Indians as a conquered people, in contrast to the previous French policy of conciliation. The regiment is best know for the fighting at Bernetz Brook on July 6, 1758, just two days before the Battle of Ticonderoga. .

Uniforms and Colours of the regiment shall remain a subject of speculation.
Some sources speculate that they carried no Colours at all. Thought as to their
uniforms seem to run the gamut as well; ranging from 'brown coats with brown
facings and black buttons' to 'light brown coats with white facings and flat
yellow buttons' to finally 'scarlet coats with orange facings and yellow buttons.
The 80th Regiment of Light Armed Foot was disbanded in Canada in 1764.

I have used the Front Rank figures to represent my first company of Gages light Infantry, with two more coys yet to be finnished. I went with the med brown coat with brown facings as it was easy to do. The individual officer figure looks a little dark as I tried to achieve after five shadow on his face, it looks better in the flesh.



I have been working on some fine front rank wagons and some foundry pack animals to make up my 18th century supply trains. The front rank range is excellent and most equipment is available. Here is the first wagon i have finnished as i have three others on the go at the momement.

I will take some photos of my Gages Infantry that is finnished and my French militia also.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

1 year old!

Well the last 12 months has certainly flew along since I started this blog, I am happy with my progress of my foray into the Lace wars period. I have had about 4500 page hits on this site in the last 12 months, a big thanks to those who have linked from their blogs and websites. The encouragement from reader’s comments on TMP and various other discussion boards and websites has helped me try to keep up with my promises.

My main goal this year is to get the Goulburn Wargames Club “Lace Wars” convention off the ground, I also intend to this year complete a few more units of my British and French 7YW and FIW armies and make a return to AWI in some way.

On the British Army front, I have replaced all of my British First Corps figs with Front Rank figures from the Wolfe’s army range of FIW figures. I have also joined the Battlescape group build for a Hanoverian mainland Army, please if you have interest on a correctly uniformed figure for the Hanoverians, please join the battlescape’s groupbuild.

Front Rank figures will also fill up the ranks of the French European army which need to get a move on for our Lace Wars Convention. I am eagerly awaiting Conquest’s French line will replace the First corps and FR figs for the Line infantry for FIW. I have already bought some Conquest Coureur De Bois and Canadian Militia to replace the Front Rank light French Infantry.

I have also recently purchased a bunch of Conquest and Perry Indians to add to the Indian warbands, this will bring the warbands up to about thirty figs each.

On the AWI front I picked some Foundry British light Infantry on the second hand stall at CanCon, so they will make it to the painting desk very soon, I also managed to pick up some more Eureka miniatures, one gun and crew and few command figs at Moab last year. I hope to soon get the guns and crew painted in the coming weeks.

Still building a few wagons and bits and pieces, and a few buildings, I will post them in the coming weeks as I complete them.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CanCon "whew"

Well this year three of us shared space with Kevin Jowlett from Battleline Scenics, at the Canberra Convention. Colin, Kendo and myself bought along a lot of goodies for sale, a good 95% of the figures for sale were well painted and based examples of wargames figures (this is what we aim for).

Colin finally finnished selling off his entire FOW american division (as seen in the original army book centrefold) its only taken three years! Kendo had a fine selection of very well painted 28mm figures and a few 20mm. Myself I peddled miniatures that I pick up from flea markets and ebay during the year, paint and then sell, the profits I pour back into new figures for my current armies.

Several thousand dollars changed hands over the weekend, but sales were down on previous years, and I discounted a lot just to move it along, as it was I returned with three unsold units which is unusual.

I did purchase a reasonable amount of figures and books, I picked up a ACW book and two scenario books, FR FIW figures, some FR WOTR figs, some 20mm french vehicles and guns and some 20mm buildings, and finally a few bags off other flea market stands, to sell in the future.

What am I working on at the moment within the period, some FIW gages light Infantry and some line infantry, I will post them on the weekend.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back into the Breach!

I trust everybody had a grand Christmas and a superb New Years celebration.

I had a very Family related holiday and a quick break down the coast where I managed to read three books in a wee as I decided not to take minis to paint as usual. St Nicholas was very generous as i sent him a extensive list of needs and wants and he didn't fail!

Late last year after a long discussion with Boyd, Greg, Dave and Guy I finally sat down and made a list of what I have half completed this year and a new painting schedule for 2009, so I can up with a list that revolves around our club plans and games for the year.

This year I really want to put a dent in the unpainted lead pile, so I have promised not to buy or start any new periods (sorry retailers), or armies until I have put a very sizable dent in the boxers of unpainted lead and unmade plastic kits.

The guys down at the club will try stopping me from spending my cash on some new flight of fancy, so for the first time in years I have made a list of items required to complete armies instead of starting new ones ( I will publish this next week as I need to make the list before Cancon)

As I play a multitude of periods from 2500BC to moderns and only two scales being 20mm WW2 and 28mm for everything else, I plan to finish a number of half done armies that are making my lead pile look almost depressing.

I also plan to paint and sell off some half painted armies that are laying around, as I am a fairy quick painter, If put my mind to it, I have only two weeks till a major convention so I had better get my digit out.

As the year progresses I will post pictures of my projects and as this Blog is for horse and musket stuff I will only post related items here, the remainder will be on my other period blogs.

My Goals this year is to complete my French Napoleonic (16 battalions of 32 for GDB), my French 7YW (10 battalions), and my Republican Roman and Allied army (4000pts for WAB)the plans are flexible as long as the goals are completed by the end of the year I will be happy.

January Plan
Paint 40 ww1 28mm French (for sale)
Paint 40 WW1 28mm Germans (for sale)
Paint five battalions of Foundry Napoleonic Russians (12 figs each For sale)
Paint 96 Foundry Napoleonic Austrian’s (for Sale)
All of these are to be sold at Cancon in Canberra and most are at 50% or more

I also plan to start 28mm Foundry Polish Renaissance army 106 figures for the Guild Surprise Build and so I can play one of my mates Cossack or Imperial armies (see Scott Robinson's Blog Wab Ramblings)in late Feb or early March

February Plan
20mm WW2 French 1 battalion of 30 figs and paint five plastic kits (required for a ww2 Rapid fire 1940 club game) currently at 50%
28mm Ancient Germans and Celts about 60 figs (part of my Roman army and the Germans are for the first corps website) currently at 60%
28mm Foundry Polish Renaissance army 90 figures (for the Guild Surprise Build )
28mm Republican Romans (complete this army) shields, basing and faces hand and thirty cavalry, currently at about 70%.

March Plan
Complete Polish Renaissance!
20 and 28mm Buildings I want to finish a number of Resin Kits that are yet to be painted, all are built and two are actually finished out of 30+ buildings.

April Plan
7 years war Front Rank French four Battalions of 24 figures (some battalions are at 80%)
French Indian War Conquest and Perry minis 30 figures (more Indians!)bare metal!
20mm Germans 160 miniatures most are at 70%
start 28mm Baron wars army

May Plan
28mm Napoleonic French Infantry 140+ figures in 32 figure battalions with skirmishers some are at 50%
7YW Front Rank French continuation
finnish 28mm Vikings off 50 figs at 80%

June Plan
28mm Napoleonic French Infantry continuation
20mm 60 German Volksturm miniatures (bare metal)

July Plan
28mm Napoleonic French Cavalry three regiments of 24 heavy cavalry
20mm German vehicles numerous (+30) plastic kit and resin kits (bare)

28mm Napoleonic French Cavalry, three regiments of 24 heavy cavalry
28mm War of the Roses army and start scratchbuilt Castle (partial completed)

Revisit 28mm Napoleonic German Battalions (Rebasing and touch ups and new GMB flags)
ECW 28mm three pike and shot blocks at 70%
finnish War of the Roses army and start scratchbuilt Castle

Revisit 28mm Napoleonic German Battalions (Rebasing and touch ups and new GMB flags)
ACW 28mm Perry Union Brigade for JR3 most at 50%

Revisit 28mm Napoleonic German Battalions (Rebasing and touch ups and new GMB flags)
Finnish off 28mm Babylonian chariots and infantry (actually built just need some finer detail done)
ECW cavalry and more scots and Irish legion

Start 28mm First Corps Imperial Romans none started 120 figs
Start 28mm A and A Sassanid’s 70 figs

Well there it is,

I have a few Armies I would Love to start this year that are bare metal, my Byzantines, Jacobite 1845, 1815 British Brigade (180 figs) and Nassau Regt of 70 figs and 60 more Samurai and scratchbuild a early Baron wars castle.

I have also committed to the 7YW Hanoverian Group build at Battlescape and some Eureka 100 18th cent club builds which technically don't breach the rules as I signed up in 08!

Now back to the work bench