Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Silly Season is approaching!

Sorry guys I haven’t posted lately but I have been very busy with work lately with the economic downturn our company has laid off about 100 people Australia wide, I still have a sales position but my area has tripled in the last month and we have closed our Canberra office, so my car is now my office, I have driven almost 12000klms in the last 10 weeks so little time for painting, and with the silly season approaching I won’t improve till I am on holidays in two weeks.

I have been reading a lot (as I have been staying in Hotels a bit) and I have bought a number of great books in the last 10 weeks. Whilst I was competing at the Australian Pipe Band Championships in November, I picked up a few books from one of the highland suppliers, l will give you a short review of these period books I have picked up.

For all of those people who love the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 and 1745 (like myself) you will enjoy “the White Cockade” and other Jacobite tales by Stuart McHardy.

A cracker of a read with lots of short stories and tales of the coming of the Stewart’s and the support and loyalty of the Catholic Scots, McHardy is a great storyteller and has gathered a wide selection of tales which paints a vivid picture and really captures the feeling of frustration among the faithful Jacobites and their doomed cause.

I rate it ten out of ten (as I am one of the faithful!)

The second book is “Culloden Tales” by Hugh G Allison, another book of short stories and tales from the Jacobites perspective.

Unusually past and present tales are told, history of the clans and the Jacobite Regts that fought and died for the cause makes this book a great buy and has really got me fired up about painting up some of the FR Jacobites that I have awaiting some TLC. The Author works as a guide on the battlefield and he relates stories that he has gathered over the years he has worked there. I found it to be a most useful book that filled in a few gaps especially about units and clans that fought on Scotland’s most famous battlefield.

I rate it ten out of ten (see above rating explanation!)

I have been painting a little, some 18th cent supply wagons should be done this weekend, I have also been busy adding to the lead pile, I will get some pictures up later this week.


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