Friday, October 10, 2008

"Ticonderoga" Moab 2008

Well Guys the event finally happened, Andrew and I arrived a little late on the Saturday morning for set up so I called ahead too Andrew P so he could reserve our table. On the first day we had several "Brother against Brother" skirmish games after socializing and doing some shopping. Then I played about with the terrain for Sunday’s setup, as we ended up on a smaller table than expected, lucky I didn't finish the purpose built terrain for the table and used our clubs very transportable "TTSFN" (Total Terrain System For Now) which consists of styrene hills with removal blankets draped over it and a dyed cotton drop sheet. It worked well with the log emplacements I built, although a little small.

Not all of the French or British Regts I had planned made it to the table and I am ashamed to admit a few actually were based but not totally finished but still fought on the tabletop, however most actually were finished and I was very happy with the result, Scott also finished all of his promised French and British but failed to finish his Provincials.
We played the game twice on the Sunday with the British overwhelming the French both times, the Provincials were as outstanding and the French Dice were abysmal. Three of us actually knew British Grenadier quite well so the game flowed very smoothly, with rare checking of the rule book itself for clarification, we “gouburnised” the rules a little and changed a few things to speed up game play and do away with some book keeping. I had a very rare opportunity to lead my French to Defeat twice, Andrew was rolling like a girl and every time it counted it was a shocker.
Scott, Nathan and Andrew P lead the British to a resounding victory’s twice, with one or the other French flanks folding and then the centre collapsing in both games. Funnily enough the Scots copped terrible casualties in both games and stalled in front the abatis, never really contributing much except to look pretty, the Indians also helping to make that flank look very pretty but not achieving much.

Here are a selection of pic’s from the weekend enjoy!


Bluebear Jeff said...

What size figures are these? They appear to be larger than 28mm.

-- Jeff

Bluewillow said...

All 28mm, a mixture of Front Rank (most of the french line and light inf)british highlanders and 80th foot, First Corps brits and french, conquest indians and british rangers.

Frostydog said...

missed seeing this which was a pity. From the photos it looks quite impressive. Just a question what colours do you use for the skin on your native americans.