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27th Foot (Lord Blackeney)

27th Foot (Lord Blackeney)

Flag from Warflag

Allowed to wear, in the centre of their colours, a castle with three turrets; St. George's colours flying, in a blue field; and the name Inniskilling over it.

During the French and Indian War, the 27th Foot saw action at Ticonderoga and Crown Point, and were present at the French surrender of Montreal in 1760.

I have painted my 27th regiment as per the 1751 regulations, The Coat, waistcoat and breeches are Brick red, the coat cuffs, lapels, linings, in the 27th buff facing colour. I refrained from painting lace on the hatmen (as the first corps figs have none) but the grenadiers and the drummers were suitably attired in white and yellow lace (as they are Front Rank figs).

I painted a white stock around the neck, white shirt cuffs, brown marching gaiters with black leather garters, black leather shoes, a black cocked hat trimmed with white, a black cartouche pouch with a buff leather should belt and buff waist belt. The long socket bayonet and the brass hilted short hanger sword, both sheathed in black scabbards, with brass tips. A tin water bottle with a plain rope is slung across the shoulder, along with a brown cowhide knapsack with natural leather straps and a natural canvas haversack. The musket has metal barrel and fittings and a brass but plate, with a buff sling.

Officers normally marched with fusils instead of pole arms, the officer lace, buttons and gorget was silver, Officers and NCOs wore a red sash either around the waist or accross the right shoulder, yellow gold aiguillettes and cords.

On the Grenadier Mitre Caps, the Castle was painted on a buff field, as on the Colours; White Horse of hanover and King's Motto on the red Flap, the rear of the cap had a buff band with a red monkey back with white lace, with a white grenade on a blue lace surround.

Drummers mitres as for the grenadiers except kings cypher, the uniform is in reversed colours with white lace, the drum had a buff feild with the three turreted white castle in the centre of a blue oval, red hoops and white cords.

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