Monday, September 29, 2008

"Under the Pump"

Well with one week to go I am well and truly under the pump for completion, I have't posted for a while as I am busy trying to finnish everything for the Convention for the Labour Day Long weekend, I have also started a new job so I have ben only home on weekends, I have managed to take some French figures with me and I am confident I will finnish the 5 French batns completely. The British only require the drummers and the command stands to be based and standards placed on them.

My Highlanders are being done by the "Cardinal", the first time I have ever had anything painted for me for a very long time, but without his help I would neve of got the scots onto the table at all.

I have completed the log wall and another 140 trees for the table and finally solved the abatis with a seaside brush tree, it looks good.

I hope to take a bunch of pics on friday (as I have a half day then). Here are a few progress shots from the painting table, the finnished btns without basing and flags are on the right hand side.


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