Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well here they are, I finally got a good painting run on to finish off my “Conquest Woodland Indian’s”. These figures are just exquisite and I was a little intimidated with them, I hunted around the internet for some inspiration and came across the Robert Griffing artwork and other peoples work, along with the Osprey on woodland Indians.

As with all of my figures I based coated with Matt Black Auto Primer and then decided upon the most difficult decision the skin colour!

I ended up choosing a Games Workshop Colour “Tanned Flesh”, which I think captures the feel for me (some may disagree on the shade). I used GW Fleash wash over the entire figure after the base colours were on, this darkends the recesses nicely so I don't need to black line as much.

The hair and feathers gave me a few challenges, as originally I tried to paint a blend of red, black and white along with porcupine quills in them. I eventually gave up and stuck with bright red for a theme of red decorations and top knots and roaches etc, to tie all the figures together, I then went for neutral breech cloth, leggings, moccasins and leather work. I used brighter contrasting colours to pick out details and add a little colour to equipment and leggings.

I picked out the armbands, jewellery, torques and gorget’s primarily in metals, which looks very effective against the warpaint.

I then moved onto warpaint, the most difficult thing to achieve convincingly on models IMO. For the red warpaint I used GW Red than Magenta ink using several layers to achieve the desired effect. For the black warpaint I used thinned GW Chaos black and armour wash, I am extremely happy with the effect I have achieved with this. I tried a washed out yellow but it didn’t look 100% so I dropped the idea.

The weapons also had a few variations I used Vallejo and GW for the stocks and the bows, I then added some warpaint to a few just to mix it up a little along with brass and metal fittings.

All in all I am very pleased how these guys turned out, I hope they don’t run away when the first sign of trouble comes their way.



Der Alte Fritz said...

Nice job on the warpaint. They look like a Robert Griffing painting.

MurdocK said...


They should scare away all competition...especially the newly arrived Brits, who have not faced native warriors before.