Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Provincial New York 3rd battalion

Ok finnished another Provincial Batn, these figs are all early Front Rank Figures which I got off Kendo for my Imagination project, so since I had them laying around I decided that they should become a battalion for our Ticonderoga game, I decided not to put anything on the drummers mitres as this will be redone when I start my 18th century imagination and they will be sticking with the green theme for this project also.

I have decided to add all of the research I have on these guys also, and I will continue with this theme for the remainder of the painted units, so people can benefit from my work.

Col Oliver De Lancey’s New York Regiment (1300 and 1700 all Ranks)
1st Btn Lt Col Bartholomew LeRoux
2nd Btn Lt Col Melancthon Taylor Woolsey
3rd Btn Lt Col Beamsley Glasier

The New York Provincial Troops were wearing 1751 Regimental Uniform Coats that were Blue and had facings of red, with Blue waistcoats and breeches and Black cocked hats. Their firearms and accouterments, for the most part, came from home. By the end of 1757, the New York Provincial uniform was beginning to change, as their Regimental Coats were changed from the Blue Coats faced with red to Green Regimental Coats faced with green, and this would be the uniform that the New York Provincials would wear until the end of the war. (The Green colour was called a "Yellow Drab" and is not unlike the olive drab worn by the Military today.) The Officers in the New York Provincials were not issued their uniforms, and clothing, and therefore had to purchase their own uniforms, and clothing. In the early war years (1756 and early 1757,) the Officers were found in Red Regimental Coats with Blue or Green facings, and their lace was gold. As in the case of the enlisted troops by the end of 1757 the Officers began wearing Green faced green Regimental Coats with silver lace. But the colour of the Green of the Officers coats was a darker forest green. In the year of 1758 there were some other alterations to the Uniform of The New York Provincial Enlisted Troops, such as their hats brims were cut down to 2 1/2 inches and no longer "Cocked", their accruements were the same as was issued to the regular British troops, (but, instead of white leather belts, the New Yorkers wore natural leather or buff coloured belts.)

The drummers I have done are purely made up, the other two batns will be Eureka miniatures.

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