Monday, August 11, 2008

More additions to the Colours!

Sorry about not posting as much as I should but we lost our camera charger this month and we only found it on Saturday.

I have finished off a couple of more things, primarily more Provincials another three battalions of 16 figures (I think I will expand them to 24 as it works better and looks better). I also decided after much discussion on TMP, that I would like to give my Provincial units flags, so as the colonel I did!

The Kings colour being on the red field and the colonels on a white, just so I have some more colour on the battlefield and units without flags don’t fight very well!
Along with the Provincials I have finished a number of Conquest Indians, which I will post this weekend when I complete more.

I also started on the log wall which the French will fight behind and some more trees for the tabletop, I now have about 260 trees ready for the game, with another 60 to complete.

The British battalions are all at about 90%, the hatmen company’s are all done, and the commands and mostly done just waiting on drummers and finials from Front Rank also.

Also in the Front Rank order will be Gages light Infantry and Rodgers Rangers, along with the Highlanders and the Grenadiers for the combined Grenadier battalion.
Only 7 weekends to go, until our display game.



Martin said...

Hi Matt,

I just came across your blog. WOW! Outstanding job of painting and the pictures/reviews are appreciated.

If you go to and click onto their links section, you'll find a lot of FIW information and links to many reenactor groups from the time periods you like. Enjoy!


Martin Meltzer

The Haggis said...

Great work. What figures are you using for the Provincial Troops in this post?