Sunday, June 22, 2008

Movement at the Station

Finally Finished Eureka's Washington and his dogs Vignette, its been 80% done for a couple of months now, still quite happy with the result, I doubt he will get any game time soon though. Still a very nice model to paint, I think I've done the dogs some justice.


Currently painting some First Corps British but still searching for some suitable drummers to go into the units, possibly I will buy some Front rank Minis (which my British Highlanders and light Infantry will probably be)

The rest of my French Front Rank figures should all arrive this coming week, so they will be sitting patiently to be painted behind the British and American troops.

Last week I started to think about terrain and if I will use a drop sheet or build my tiles (which I have been meaning to do for years), drop sheets are a hell lot easier to carry and more adaptable when you are unsure of the available space for a display/ participation game. Tall trees are also a talking point at the club at the moment, thinking about removable tops so the troops can travel about easier, specifically the tall Canadian types.

Back to the painting table for me, only 14 weekends till the big event.


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