Saturday, April 5, 2008

Whew, I'm back

Well finally things are settling back to normal after the New Zealand Piping Championships at Papakura, south of Auckland. Our band had two weeks playing and holidaying before we returned home to Australia , 6th was our best place for the event.

We returned to Australia for one weeks rest before attending a highland gathering at Bathurst and then Brigadoon at Bundanoon today, then a fortnights rest before Anzac day in Goulburn.

On the painting table this week doing some Conquest colonials and started the Indians after settling on a paint scheme, hopefully some eye candy out in the next week or so, also thinking about building a few blockhouses and frontier cabins, before moving onto the purpose built terrain for the MOAB convention.


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Scott Robertson said...

Matt we have to get moving if we are to get everything ready for Moab. I have the following painted for the game, British: 4x30 man infantry units (based 3 to a base, can represent 3 figures in a looser formation or 4 men and I just use a casualty marker). This last option looks good and means more numbers. I am painting 2x30 man Provincial units in Brown with yellow facings (New York and Rhode Island regiments); 3 British guns and 12 crew. French I have 3x18 man formed infantry units and 22 infantry in lose formation (2 figures to a base; painting I am doing 3 guns and 12 crew and 40 Militia and Compagnies Franches. Give me a call anytime as I am on holidays until Tuesday next week. Cheers Scott