Monday, February 18, 2008


Well this past week I have been working on some very fine Woodland Indians from the Conquest 500 Nations Range. These are some of the best Indians I have ever set eyes upon, and frankly I am a little intimidated by them, as I want to achieve a beautiful paint job to do justice to the figures. I have about sixty figures to paint in total and I will be attacking them in batches of ten, so I will stay fresh, I will paint some Conquest Colonials to get a change of pace. I hope to have a unit out before March.

Further news, on our planned Demonstration game front, Scott Robinson and myself will be conducting a FIW demonstration Game at MOAB (Mother Of All Battles) convention here in OZ in October, Scott will be supplying most of the line troops, (French and British) I will supply a number of Indians and colonial troops, we will be using the British Grenadier rules with 1 figure representing twenty men, as no one has volunteered to do the Scottish Regiments, perhaps I may have to have a crack myself!

I will be starting the terrain after I return from New Zealand Pipe Band Championships and a family holiday in March , so stay tuned for a few tutorials, then.


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