Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Massachussetts Provincial Regiment

The First of My French Indian War Provincial Regiments, Massachussetts provided six Regiments for the Ticonderoga campaign. They predominatly wore blue jackets with red facings, my reference for painting them was from the Knotel plates, I guessed that the officer lace would be white (silver) as the buttons were, but I could be wrong!

I am seeking a standard for these guys as I have no references as to what they carried, maybe someting similar to the British line "battalion" flag is my best guess, If anybody knows please answer my querry on the 18th cent message board on TMP (total Miniatures page).

The Eureka figures were a pleasure to paint, and I am very happy with the finnish I achieved with this unit. The Eureka figure I believe will also suit the British 60th Foot Regt (Royal American) uniform, as the cuff flaps and cuffs are as not pronounced as British uniforms.

This unit will hopefully take to the table with a few other Provincial regts and British and Indian allies for a demo game in October. I did think about giving the officer a musket or fusil, but I decided to use the spontoon.








Giles said...

Matt, these are fantastic; they really look the part. Thanks for posting the pics. I've been thinking about how to paint mine up when they arrive (they have much further to travel!) and these pics will be good reference!

Best wishes


Scott Robertson said...

Hey Matt great stuff, are you putting on a game at MOAB? If you are doing 25mm FIW I have 120 British SYW figures and 72 French in camapign dress all painted by Leroy (based by me of course). They are all on 40x40mm bases and I can do some other stuff if you need it. I will being going down to MOAB again this year with Kevin, so bringing stuff is not a problem. Cheers Scott