Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why Fine and Dandy

When I was thinking about giving my 18th century blog a name, Fine and Dandy was thought of first, so here it is!

This Blog will focus on me and my friends 18th century miniature Wargames armies. I have always dabbled in this period and I love the gentleman like atmosphere. This period has lots of colour, fortifications and savages and it’s before the total war of the Napoleonic period.

The thought of buying a commission or raising of your own regiment appeals to me (my wife would say “allusions of Grandeur”), I could see myself quaffing fine brandy and port, eating stuffed pheasant, riding outstanding Hessian horseflesh on the hunt, or creeping through the woods worried about some Indian taking your scalp, or a scallywag Freicorps jager, or cheeky Yankee sharpshooter, taking potshots at you on some battlefield, leaving the men “having at one another, without restraint”!

I have armies for the French Indian war (French, Indians, British, and colonials for both sides), 7 years war (French) and the American War of Independence (British and Americans), with one unit for a French Marlburian period also.

All of my figures are 28mm and will be listed as to what manufacturer they belong too, I hope also to do some figure and book reviews from time to time, and just for something different some scratch built buildings and terrain.

I have not settled on any particular sets of rules yet, but I tend to lean towards the 1 figure represents 20 actual men scale or skirmish.

I intend to have a skirmish participation game ready for Moab later this year, so that will be the initial focus, than I intend to complete my 7YW French army.

Next year I hope to conduct a lace wars convention, possibly in the middle of the year, but I will need a little support from the guys at the club, before enough momentum is started.

So now to fulfill my promises!



abdul666 said...

"Fine & Dandy" sounds and looks fitting and promising!

I always enjoy to see a new blog devoted to the Lace Wars. "inspired by the alte fritz": since you are on the TMP, you already know that 'D.A.F.' not only campaigns in a fictitious setting, but is modelling a war balloon and endvisage to raise an all-female unit to face the fictitious 'Von Bauer Black Hussars', Lady de Winter personal retinue. Are you tempted by such (short) excursions outside 'historical accuracy'?

An imaginary setting own your own would allow you to field your Malburians vs your AWI!
Do you know the 'Emperor vs Elector' group?
The 'battle by proxy' allows enjoyable interactions between players that cannot meet physically.

Best wishes,
(aka Loys of Monte-Cristo)

Australian Napoleonic Kriegspielers said...

Thanks mate, toying with the idea of my own german or sardinian principality, maybe down the track


Giles said...

Hi Matt - good luck with the blog.

Best wishes


abdul666 said...

Hi Matt {the 'Australian Napoleonic Kriegspielers' one...}

Keep us informed when the time comes!